The Creator’s Wrath – Synopsis

The Creator’s Wrath – Synopsis

The culmination of an ancient treaty, leads to the transfer of mystical stones, a marriage arrangement, and the prophecy of a son to be born who will save existence. However, everything comes with a price and with the prophecy’s fulfillment, a seemingly tragic and mysterious end.

Thirty years later, when Imperial Assassin Jakob Aikllenn chooses to save the life of the woman he was sent to kill, his defiance forces him to Rothan, the homeland he once fled in disgrace. There, he is betrayed by his master and possessed by a dark magic that will force him to choose between faith and vengeance.

Princess Kaya’s life is turned upside down when she learns the emperor wants her dead and that her only chance for safety lies in Rothan, the realm of her father’s enemy.  She departs with a desperate plan to unite the two realms against the empire. But the King of Rothan has revived the dark arts and what awaits Kaya is far worse than any imperial assassin.

After barely escaping death, Jax heads home to Rothan for some time away.  But the vacation soon has the thief’s fingers itching. When Jakob, his childhood friend, returns, seeking revenge on the King of Rothan, the thief sees an opportunity to steel a treasure rumored to be beneath the dungeons. But what waits below is nothing like the rumors say and the thief is about to bite off much more than he would ever want to chew. 

When thief, princess, and the assassin once sent to kill her unite in Rothan, Jakob learns he is the lost son of prophecy and that his life has been lie. As everything is taken from him, he succumbs to the darkness inside, unleashing a revenge that will break the world’s chains.

Existence has lost its purpose. The Gods are cut off, the skies veiled, and the war between good and evil, stymied. Now, evil is leaking back into the world. But with it comes hope, for opposition brings growth and growth must be.


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